Why PSG?

PSG® is part of Dover’s Fluids platform. We are an organization on the move, always looking for talented and ambitious people with a desire to help us grow our global business.

PSG offers a unique combination of the both small company atmosphere: with an ownership mindset that allows you to make close-to-the-customer decisions; an innovative approach in seeing beyond what is possible today and entrepreneurial spirit in the pursuit of new opportunities; combined with benefits of a large company’s scale, tools, expertise and financial strength with Dover. Join PSG, a growing global company where your curiosity, hard work and ambition is rewarded with exceptional career opportunities in a friendly & fast paced environment. Welcome aboard!

We’re a global leader in integrated flow solutions, including positive displacement pumps and adjacent technologies.

Our world-renowned industrial brands include Abaque, Almatec, Blackmer, Ebsray, Finder, Fluid Dynamics, Griswold, Mouvex, Neptune, Quattroflow, RedScrew, System One and Wilden.

We feature 13 world-class facilities in 7 countries, including operations in the U.S., France, Germany, Italy, Australia, and China. Through a global network of distributors, PSG serves the following markets: transport, water/wastewater, chemical/polymer, energy, pharmaceutical, hygienic and general industry.

We thrive on winning and being number one. To that end, we recognize and reward passion, initiative, talent and ability.

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If you want to be part of a dynamic, winning team, PSG may be the ideal place for you.

Healthy Lifestyles

As part of Dover, PSG employees have access to the Dover Health & Wellness Program that focuses on healthy eating, exercise and tobacco use. Addressing the preventable causes of these conditions can help improve your quality of life and the performance and productivity of all of us. We’ll help you and your family live healthier and manage conditions as effectively as possible with resources such as screenings, education and coaching.

Career Development

At PSG, we invest in the professional development of our dedicated people. Whether pursuing an advanced degree or a certificate for career advancement, we reward commitment and hard work. We offer leadership development programs for ambitious and exceptional employees who have a willingness and desire to strive for more.

Community Outreach

When you join PSG, you join a family devoted to community support as an important mission. We are a compassionate organization intent on helping others through volunteerism, charity support, product donations and more. PSG employees apply the same kind of passion and energy to helping each other and the surrounding communities in which we all live as they do to their work.

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